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Here, it’s always theWeekend.

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It’s time to take back the weekend. Here, 9to5 is a four-letter word and #sundayblues are strictly prohibited. We’re about maximing the 48 hours between Friday and Monday and savoring every. last. minute.

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Take Back the Weekend.

Welcome to TheWeekend. The place where cubicles don’t exist and happy hour never ends.

Here, we’re about cocktails and brunch and cocktails at brunch. Saturday morning spin and sleeping in. We’re about crossing off bucket lists and getting out of the city. Afternoon bike rides and rooftop living. We’re about au naturel and going all out. Breakfast in bed and dancing on tables. We’re about filling your days and taking one off. Backyard barbeques and fine dining to the max.

Because here, we’re about making those 48 hours count.

It’s time to take back the weekend; it’s time to unplug, unwind, and recharge. The emails can wait ‘til Monday. Forget about deadlines and lunch al desko. Here, 9to5 is a four-letter word and #sundayblues are strictly prohibited. We’re about seeing where the road leads and savoring every. last. bite.

So book that trip. Take that class. Call that friend. Climb that mountain. Go on that date. Read that book. Host that party. Try out that recipe. Visit that museum.

It’s your time. And we want to help you make the most of it.

Because here, it’s always theWeekend.